Client Reviews

5 Star Rating Rated 5 Stars

“Bill was very knowledgeable in helping me navigate through the legal system. He had nothing but good advice and was there with me until the end. Very pleased with his skills and would highly recommend bill first.”
– Randall – March 21, 2017

“It was late march and I was driving home from Breckenridge in my Subaru outback. It was snowing and I was heading uphill towards keystone when a driver with no snow tires came into my lane after a switchback turn and crushed me head on. When I woke up all I could hear was the sound of the other drivers horn. I previously broke my neck 6 years before the head on collision so I was immediately scared of the possibilities of being paralyzed again. I noticed that my right arm was completely numb from nerve damage and my balance was a little off. I also started to have extremely severe head aches and neck pain. When I contacted the insurance companies to see what sort of help I would have for my injuries I was basically laughed at. I was lost and had no idea what to do. My body was failing me because of the ongoing injuries and I missed some substantial time at work. When the function in my right arm continued to decline and the swinging head aches persisted, I knew I was in big trouble. I had never hired a lawyer before and had no idea what to do. So I made a few calls and the insurance company finally got back to me and told me to NOT hire any help but refused to guide me, help me or give me advice. So I reached out to my Summit County family and friends to seek wisdom from someone that has been in my situation. Everyone was very helpful and gave me some names of Lawyers they had worked with in the past. I spoke with a few different Lawyers but no one was as helpful and understanding as Mr. Falcone. He spent countless hours making calls and working behind the scenes to fast track the help and care I needed. He was able to keep me safe from everyone that was trying to take advantage of my situation. CT scans, MRI, Physical therapy, pain management and a couple years of chiropractic and rehabilitation are just a few things that Bill was able to set up for me. Bill was also never out of reach. When I was scared ad unsure of my future and just needed someone to tell me what was going on in the process Bill was there for me. He always answered my phone calls or was able to call me back as soon as he received my message. Bill was so pleasant to work with I felt like he was a very good friend or family member as time went on. Bill saw me through the worst time of my life and was fantastic from start to finish. After everything was said and done Bill Falcone had become a good friend of mine. Bill was able to secure a very substantial amount of money for my pain and suffering and continued rehabilitation. He also paid off almost 3 years of medical bills and therapy that I needed from my neck injury about $30,000 dollars. I will always remember what Mr. Falcone was able to do for me and my future and he will remain my Lawyer for life. Thank you Bill!! “
– Nathan – March 17, 2017

“I was hit by a car while on a bike path. The person who hit me was under-insured so I had to use my own car insurance to pay my hospital bills. I chose William Falcone as my attorney because he was local and not a “TV” ad attorney we see way too often. He was pleasant and available and although I originally just wanted all my hospital bills paid, he persisted with my insurance company and two years later my case was settled for a very significant sum. I would have settled for less but Mr. Falcone worked very hard on my behalf to get me compensated for my unjuries. I’ve never needed an attorney before but I’m very pleased that he was there to see my case through. I would recommend him and give him five stars.”
– Marie – March 17, 2017

“Mr. Falcone did a wonderful job in concerning my accident very pleased thank you Mr. Falcone. Mr. Falcone took care of my car accident very well, I’m pleased at the outcome thank you”
– Janet – March 10, 2017

“I was involved in a serious traffic accident in May, 2012. I contacted Mr. Falcone in June concerning my options. We discussed what would be involved and how it would be accomplished. I decided to hire Mr. Falcone and I certainly am happy I did. My claim was going to be against the other driver’s insurance and a claim against my own insurance as I had a rider for un-insured/underinsured coverage. The other driver’s insurance paid the maximum. For the claim against my insurance, we ended up going to mediation and received fair compensation. Mr. Falcone told me what he thought my injuries were worth and he was right on with what I received.
Mr. Falcone kept me informed throughout the process, was candid about what to expect and delivered quality service. I highly recommend his services (already have to another I know to have been severely injured).”
– Bo – Dillon, CO Personal Injury Client – December 2014

“Bill is a good guy and a great attorney. The advice he gave me was extremely helpful and he is very knowledgeable. Bill’s staff was very helpful relaying messages and very friendly. I will use Bill again if I ever need help again.”
– Breckenridge, CO Personal Injury Client – October, 2014

“Mr. Falcone is one of the best attorneys, if not the best! I had been going thru a case in which I would have been completely side swiped by the justice system or the DA’s office! Not only did he keep my spirits high with reassurance of a satisfactory outcome, but he also checked on my well being outside of the case. As a client, I was able to get in contact with Mr. Falcone, no matter what the situation was and I was given his personal cell phone number as well as an immediate number to get in contact with him. Overall, Mr. Falcone’s performance was superb and unmatched as a knowledgeable and professional attorney! Thank you again and I would highly recommend him as a attorney at law”
– DUI Client – Summit County, CO – 2012

“Mr. Falcon help us, me and my wife, on a language contained in paragraph over party wall agreement and, because they do not understand, took us to court.”
– Spanish speaking Real Estate Litigation client – Frisco, CO – 2012

Mr. Falcone responded to this review as follows: “Thank you for the review Oscar. I was glad to be there for you, when your neighbors sued you in District Court an effort to prevent you from putting an addition onto your home. They were relentless and believed strongly in their case. They tried to use all their financial resources to wear you out. After motions and a multi-day hearing with testimony from your architect and project manager we were able to overcome the testimony of the neighbors and the developer. Judge Romeo finally saw things our way, and in the end she ruled in your favor. I am very pleased with the results obtained for you in this real estate litigation matter involving the interpretation of restrictions contained in the Party Wall Agreement for your fourplex. Good luck to you in the completion of the project!”

“Bill worked very hard on my case. He made sure to answer all my questions during the case, even helped me with a few other things after the case was done he never gave up even took me to lunch a few times.
– Personal Injury client, Buffalo, NY 2011.

Mr. Falcone responded to this review as follows: “Thank you Shawn. I enjoyed serving as your lawyer and becoming acquainted with you as we worked on your complex Personal Injury Lawsuit. In fact, I listed your case on this site as it was one of my biggest recoveries for any client, and one of my proudest accomplishments. We had to overcome some tough odds to succeed, and we did it!”

“Bill was very helpful in the DUI case that he was hired for. Very trustworthy and I feel he did excellent job.”
– Dillon, CO – DUI 3rd client – 2011

“I never have used an attorney, and really wasn’t comfortable with going to an attorney. I wasn’t sure how to handle my situation, and met with Bill just to ask questions. Bill knew what my alternatives were, and was very up front and honest about how he worked. Bill also handled all the details that take so much time. For example dealing with an insurance company which is very frustrating. I would have never gotten what I deserved if I would have handled this on my own. I am much more knowledgeable now, and would recommend Bill as a Lawyer that will help you in a challenging time.”

Mr. Falcone responded to this review as follows: “Thank you Rose. I really enjoyed getting to know you and working on your behalf to answer all your questions and maximize your recovery on your Colorado injury case.”

“Our company is extremely pleased with Bill’s performance and handling of our legal matters. Bill had not only good probable forecasting insight but was able to quickly, accurately asses our contracts, improve upon them as well as renegotiate with our clients on our behalf giving us much better footing and positioning.”
– Ryan Neptune – (professional snow boarder) Neptune Industries Inc. – Small Business client

5 Star Rating  Rated 5 Stars

“We picked Bill out of the local phone book and we couldn’t have picked better. He was amazing in helping us. He is professional, kind and understanding and he fights harder than anyone I know for your cause. I am so grateful to Bill for his hard work and for fighting on my behalf. I highly recommend Bill to everyone I know. Thanks so very, very much Bill. Forever grateful” – Andrea – Silverthorne, CO – Personal Injury Client

“Bill Falcone did a great job for me. He helped me keep my license when it was almost impossible to change the district attorney’s mind. I would recommend him for any of your legal problems. He was very knowledgeable, and very understanding. Everyone makes mistakes, and he will help you with all the legal ends and outs. Thank you so much Bill.”
– Angie – Silverthorne, CO. – DUI Client

“I am a struggling college graduate. I had some debt due to health insurance issues and needed help to resolve them. I happened upon Bill Falcone and he took care of my issues with the debt and insurance company within 3 days. He knew I was on a limited budget, but he was still willing to help and do it in a timely matter. His professionalism helped saved me money and time. He made me feel very comfortable and helped me out immensely.”
– Insurance Claim client

5 Star Rating  Rated 5 Stars

“Mr. Falcone understands how legal representation ought to be. From day one, he was accessible and responsive, and never once did I have to go through a secretary to speak with him. He took the time to understand my case, collected all the evidence, and when the court offered him a joke of a bargain deal he put his foot down. Ultimately, the entire ticket was thrown out, leaving me 100% of the hook. It would’ve been easy for him to take that deal, and tell me it was “the best he could do”, but I believe Mr. Falcone truly has my best interests in mind during the whole process. I’d recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.”
– Tom, DUI Client, January 2016

5 Star Rating Rated 5 Stars

Mr. Falcone responded to this review, which had no comments, as follows: “Thank you for the review. It was a pleasure representing you on your DUI. I was very pleased with the result I was able to obtain for you. I am also glad I could get your prior felony arrest removed from your record by Petitioning the Summit County District Court for an Order Sealing your record. Good luck to you!”

5 Star Rating  Rated 5 Stars

“I hired Bill Falcone to represent me in a dispute with my health insurance company. He was very knowledgeable about the issue, was persistent in his exchanges with the insurance company, and we eventually reached a very favorable outcome. The fee that I paid Mr. Falcone was reasonable and well worth it.
Bill also represented my husband and I in the sale of our business. The input he provided was very helpful before the sale, and his expertise during the closing process was invaluable. His ability to work well with the landlord, the buyer and their attorneys helped to ensure a smooth and successful deal.”
– Annie Holton, Owner at Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse & Brewery – February 17, 2010

“I work with Bill regularly on initiatives brought to the Town of Dillon by the Dillon Business Association. Bill is a founding member of the Dillon Business Association and was instrumental in establishing its by-laws and obtaining its non-profit status. Bill participates in several sub-committees of the DBA including Government Liaison, events, signage and serves as a vice president of the organization.
I find Bill to be professional, highly attentive to detail, involved, caring and responsive. He is an asset to the DBA and the Town of Dillon.”
– Susan Fairweather, Director of Economic Initiatives at Town of Avon, Colorado – February 11, 2010

“William Falcone is reliable, personable and detail oriented. He is trustworthy and provides excellent work at a reasonable cost.”
– Carol Kolis Burns, Associate Real Estate Broker at REALTY USA – February 10, 2010

“William is a detailed oriented professional who was very diligent in helping me close a real estate deal that involved many siblings and an owner who resided in England. He did a great job in keeping the deal moving along. And he is very personable. Thanks again, Bill.”
– Robert Gannon, President and Owner at The Hangmen of WNY, Inc. – February 9, 2010